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Audio NZ Acoustic Consultancy
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Our expertise covers:

Building and Room Acoustics
Architectural Acoustics
Acoustic Assessment Reports
Environmental Noise Assessments
Machinery and Equipment Vibration Isolation
Noise Impact Studies
Traffic Noise and Vibration Studies
Sound Surveys
Noise Risk Assessments
Noise and Vibration Complaints
Speech and Sound Intelligibility
Stationary Noise Source Measurements
Loudspeaker Development and Measurementslinks


We provide assistance with resource consents, building consents and produce acoustic certificates. Being designers, problem solvers, advisors, mediators and inventors, we practise across a wide range of specialities, this includes but is not limited to room acoustics and noise reduction. Our room measurements enable our clients to convert their premises into pleasant surroundings where customers as well as staff feel undisturbed. The acoustical ‘atmosphere’ of a room is as important as the visual atmosphere if not more and can determine whether people are comfortable or not. The acoustics of a room is also very important for the aural intelligibilty and ambience.


Our clients are businesses and organisations, including government organisations, as well as private people. They are mostly local but we also offer services nationwide. We develop solutions to real life problems affecting individuals, businesses, institutions, and the community. Our services are tailored to our customers' needs and expectations with the objective to help clients achieve their visions in acoustics by assisting with projects from planning and conception, through design, construction and evaluation.
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About Us

Joachim Lang M.Sc.has over 30 Years experience as an acoustic engineering consultant and holds a masters degree in acoustics and audio engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. He has worked for BeSB Berlin as well as Mueller BBM Munich, one of the biggest Acoustic Consultancies in Europe, where he was involved in many major projects. He established AudioNZ in Nelson 25 years ago and with his team he has helped Businesses and Nelsonians for decades.

AudioNZ Acoustic Consultancy